These simple paper shapes are very easy to make. When you drop them, they spin. When they are spinning they look like balloons – which is how they get their name. Blimps were a nickname for barrage balloons in the second wold war.

You can try dropping them in the position shown above, or vertically (with the round section pointing downwards) – both ways work.

Mark, rule and cut a line 2 cms wide.

Mark a line 1cm long, 4 cm from the end.

Now mark another 1 cm line 4 cm from the other end of the strip BUT ON THE OPPOSITE EDGE.

Cut both these lines

Then bring both these cuts together

Different Blimps

Try making the cuts at a different distance: Try 2 cm, 3cm, 5 cm and 6 cm from the ends.

Try different widths of paper strip.

Try different lengths.

Testing your Blimps

Get an adult to hold a blimp in each hand, hold them as high as they can, and drop them at the same time. Which design stays spinning in the air the longest?

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